Sales Tax Preparation

Kentucky recently passed new laws regarding sales tax, and we believe that every business owner should be made aware. After July 1st, 2018 businesses that provide certain services such as, but not limited to, mechanically repair, cleaning services, and even pet care will be forced to charge their customers sales tax on those services. Are you, or your employees able to prepare and file the sales tax returns monthly or quarterly? 

Sales Tax Services:

  • Prepare sales tax information: Based off of you company's gross sales, sales tax collected, and non-taxable products/services we prepare a return to be filed. 

  • Filing of the return: We file all necessary sales tax forms with the Kentucky Department of Revenue online to ensure accuracy. 

  • Payment: Brown & Cheek, Inc. has the ability to schedule the electronic payment of your sales tax owed for your company on the date it is due. No more hustle and bustle to get the payment mailed on time.

  • Peace of mind: Our staff gives clients peace of mind knowing the sales tax owed for their company is being properly taken care of. We provide a detailed list of payments being processed; along with copies of the return for your records. 

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